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How to Build a Deck

Deck builders require that decks must be built according to specific standards and must meet requirements as stated in building permits. For that reason, homeowners should trust this project to the most experienced deck builders around. To help homeowners understand how to build a deck, here is the deck building process:

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A concrete footing is the base for the porch. Building permits require that the hole for the footing be 12 inches in diameter and three-feet deep. The hole is filled with concrete to ground level. Then the deck support posts are fastened to this footing with brackets. Next, the posts are cut for a double 2 by 10 support beam. Holes are also drilled for large bolts.


The siding in the house is cut out to accept the main frame of the deck. To protect your home, flashing is installed to shield the house from water and ice. Next, a 2 by 10 ledger board is attached to the house. Ledger locks are fastened at every 12 inches for added structural security.


Decking can be arranged in various directions and colors. A standard deck is framed with decking boards that are joined to create an outer perimeter, much like a picture frame. The deck boards are fastened within the frame. All edges are cut with a router bit to assure a tight fit. Decking screws are used to fasten the boards to the joists.

Railings are added. The standard stock rails, called the Superior Systems, are offered in four different colors. Other railing styles are available, including MoistureShield, Timbertek and Premier.

Finally, steps are installed. The standard steps are four-feet wide with the treads and risers being of the same wood type as the deck. Homeowners can opt to use a different wood species. These steps are anchored to the surface using the same fastening technique as the footers.

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