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How to Protect Your Deck this Winter

Do you own a vinyl or wooden deck? The arrival of cold, snowy winter weather should pose no problem for your beloved deck — simply follow a few simple maintenance guidelines to help keep your deck in great condition!

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Design & Build Your Own Deck in 10 Easy Steps

Determine the dimensions and location of the deck. Assess the need for railings and stairs. Most Townships require railings on any deck that are over 30” high.

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Top 3 Outdoor Living Trends for Your Deck

At one time, it was all the rage to bring the outdoors in to offer greater peace and relaxation by incorporating the outdoor elements in the home. It works. However, people started considering taking the indoors out, and

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Deck Design

For most homeowners, time spent outdoors during the warm summer months is priceless. Chester County deck builders are eager to help design and build outdoor living spaces that realize any homeowner's dream.

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Deck Railing Systems

If you have a deck and you are looking for a way to make it more attractive, you are in luck. During the past decade, the deck industry has created many different styles of rail systems to choose from. No matter what style of deck

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Deck Accessories

Whether your deck is new or old, the truth remains that there are some great deck accessories that you may want to consider adding to get the most out of your deck and to best protect it so that it will be in great shape

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Choosing a Deck Contractor

Building a deck on one's existing home is a big decision to make; after all, a deck is a rather large investment. If done right, a deck can significantly increase the overall value of one's home while also providing the home

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How to Build a Deck

Deck builders require that decks must be built according to specific standards and must meet requirements as stated in building permits. For that reason, homeowners should trust this project to the most experienced

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Advantages of Vinyl Decks

Having a deck installed at your home is a great way to enjoy additional outdoor gathering and entertainment space. However, when it comes to browsing through the various types of decks that you have to choose from,

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