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Building Process


Unless otherwise requested, the Deck Craft office team will handle all the permit paperwork and correspondence with the township. However, the actual permit fee varies by township and county and can only be determined once the plans are submitted (cost is determined by square footage of deck among other factors), it is the only additional cost not included in the deck price. This typically small fee is simply added onto the final invoice upon project completion.


Footing holes are dug per your township requirements which is normally 12” – 18” diameter by 36” deep. We dig the holes with a stand on mini track skid steer for minimal yard damage. We then use a pre-formed concrete pillar and back fill with dirt. This allows us to continue right on with the project versus having to wait for the concrete to set. (there are some jobs where we have to pour concrete versus using the pre-formed pillars for varying reasons)


Our standard deck support post is a pressure treated 6×6 post attached to the concrete with a Simpson ABW66Z stand off bracket.


We then notch the posts and set a double 2×10 or 2×12 beam into the notch and through bolt with (2) galvanized carriage bolts.


We cut out the siding as needed and flash the ledger board with ice and water shield. The 2×10 ledger board is normally attached to a wooden structure with 5” ledger loks 12” apart and to a concrete structure with 5” wedge anchors 24” apart (spacing partially dependent upon joist spacing). The size and spacing of the deck joists are determined by the decking that we are using and the joist spans. We always put the joists 12” apart for cellular PVC decking and 16” apart for composite or wood decking unless the decking is running diagonally at which time the joists are 12” apart regardless of the kind off decking. All fasteners, joist hangers etc. are hot diped galvanized or stainless steel.


The custom decking can be fastened in many directions, designs, and deck styles, with multiple colors on one deck. Our standard deck always has a “picture frame”, which has a decking board run all the way around the outer perimeter of the deck and the rest of the decking installed inside the picture frame . This hides all the ends of the decking boards. All the corners of the pictures frames are cut at nicely fitting angles as well as all the cuts around the down spouts etc. Cut outs and board ends etc. are routered to avoid any sharp edges. The decking is normally fastened with HIDfast and Cortex hidden fasteners except for wooden decking which is attached with 2 1/2″ ACQ decking screws.


Our standard stock railing is the Superior Systems vinyl railings and Arabian powder coated aluminum railings. We stock multiple colors and also variety of other brand balusters that we install in the Superior Systems rails. The post sleeves fit over a 4×4 which is fastened into the deck structure to withstand a 200# thrust per building codes.


Our standard flight of steps is 4’ wide outside to outside on the treads with the railings inside the outside stringers for a 36” wide to code stair opening. We use (4) 2×12 stringers with the tread and rise enclosed per code. The bottom of the stairs are set on pole barn pills which are set into the ground 36”.


Our decking service area is large and our experienced team has built decks in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. Call us for a free estimate today!